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About Me


Hi. I am Carla. And I am blogging about my experiences.

   I have justed moved from the rolling hills and farms of Chester county to the wooded high grounds near Morgantown Pa. in Berks County.   Lancaster  County is close, this area is known as the tricounty  area. 

 These changes as well as others have encouraged me to rediscover my passions and dreams,  as well as growth as an individual. 

. My motto if you can dream it, you can do it.   My goal is to inspire with my blog.


 Please join me as I attempt to  chronicle my growth through my love of horticulture,  floral design, cooking attempts, and crafty  decorating  experiments. 


My Community

   I love chocolate.  I like Forrest  Gump.  And l love the area where I live.

 Forrest  Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. " Each chocolate tastes different  to each person. Every one has a different taste and enjoys a unigue flavor.   

I hope to reach residents of the Berks tricounty  area and readers in other areas with the unique variety of my blogs. 

  I hope visitors to this site will participate and enjoy this experience. 


Join My Journey

Please join me in my attempt  to share my growth in my new avenues of Life.  I welcome and encourage comments, questions, and messages. Please let me know your thoughts. Comments or questions  can be sent to  Ptrcktrg@dejazzd.com

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Lazy floral girl 



Horticulture, decorating, food and life

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